Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Cosmopolitan Amosu

I hate it

Your grip on me

Stiff like African-handcuffs

But now I have my psyche set on escape

You have my "mugu button"

I recognize the symptoms

I don't know how you found it

Then you go pressing away

Making me do foolish things

Please leave me alone

I beg you

Take all your cuteness and go

Don't leave your Gabriel Union smile, take that too

Gimme back my "mugu-button"

The stain. Your smear.

Your couth-vibe tattooed on my mind

Astute manipulator

Ever poised in a state of almost kissed, almost caressed always an almost-urge

Grab that urbane-shit and leave

Take your craft elsewhere

Contrary to your beliefs, I'll fix myself

There'll b some kind of Amosu-disinfectant-rehab place somewhere

You are very hot, probably the hottest of the hot, SO WHAT!!?

You make the most attractive conversation, u r refined to a fault, AND THEN!!?

Abeg, take your lies, your shiver provoking beauty and all associated pluses elsewhere

Yes you have won, albeit marginally

It is a Small price to get me back, hell it’ll b the cheapest thing I’ve ever got you

May the next unfortunate soul that falls victim to your scheme escape with his life

Yours regretfully,


PS: Next time don’t give it up


Anu boy said...

hey... reading that, and it reminds me of a girl that used to be in my life... mehn, that babe had my mugu button and she was always pressing it, chaiiii....

nice blog mehn

omohemi Benson said...

Oh! my goodness,
This is such a beautiful piece,
I like the use of pidgin and native language, very skillful and on point.

I hope you will not become maga to another chick, you know what they say,"when a man is in love,a new mumu is born." lol

I wrote a poem like this too, with pidgin and native language

omohemi Benson said...


This is link to poem,I mentioned.

Love this space, defintely coming back!

psykotikdiva said...

very nice, thanks for stopping by my blog.

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

lmaoooooo... this boy you don KOLO!!!

Overwhelmed Naija Babe said...

loved it though

catwalq said...

men, u had me at "mugu button"

pamelastitch said...

LOL!! You will be okay....

take care,

Kpakpando said...

my dear, at least you only have one mugu button, what about those who have 2 or more ehn?

femme said...

guy na wa for u o! which one be mugu button again.lol.
i knew i would like ur blog when i saw ur interests.-' forming shy,using the term generic, and telling lies'-
meanwhile, how u go come my blog say i like beckham?
thanks for coming by. making a link to my blog

LonelierThanAkon said...

@anu: omo the kine girls I dey meet sometimes, I don’t understand. Even if you don't have a mugu button, they'll make you one and keep it for themselves.

@Omohemi: I've been a fan of your blog for a while. I read i-no-do in april. U r too much.

@psychotik: ok. thnx 4d thnx.

@ONB: there is a certain level of KOLO in everyone. My own just dey fluctuate.

@Catwalq: Thats the only noun i can use to describe it. Every girl knows it in her own way.

@Pam: I'm ok already oh!!

@kpakpando: Nawao, "two or more"? Please don’t wish anybody that kind of destruction.

@femme: Mugu button is not my phrase oh, it is totally borrowed. As for you and Beckham, me don't know what you dream at night so, me rest my case. But I swear, after reading your blog, gotta say I dig your sense of humour.

Nneka's World said...

Haha! nice write up, that was too funny, but it seems like she almost did a number on you

Anonymous said...

daz good, daz good, daz good /\(< -- dat is me clapping 4 u)

Surviving with Truth said...

this is sad. sometimes, you have to admit you're the mugu, and you've lost... so the "winner" can leave you alone, so you can hopefully get yourself back together.